Coronavirus Emergency - cautions and more solidarity required

Do not leave anyone alone, especially the most fragile and vulnerable people, in the face of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. This is the need Saint Egidio is currently trying to respond to, with a sense of responsibility, to effectively contribute to containment of the contagion, in compliance with the necessary measures, maintaining, and if possible strengthening, those bonds of solidarity that for many represent a vital support.

Aid for the elderly has been increased: not only by providing basic needs (home delivery of shopping and medicines, for example) but also by seeking all means to mitigate isolation: at present, across a number of care and nursing homes, letters and video messages have been delivered to the elderly by friends of the Community, in particular by Youth for Peace. And the “Long Live the Elderly” programme, in Rome and other cities in Italy, is developing a campaign to help elderly people to take the necessary precautions. For all relevant info, please visit “Viva gli Anziani” blog.

Particular attention needs to be paid to the situation of homeless people. The precariousness of their living conditions is worsened  by a further isolation due to reduced movement of people (it becomes more difficult for them to receive attention and help). We are called to take their health very seriously.

Soup Kitchens of Sant’Egidio will remain open and the distributions of the meals in the streets will continue, with all relevant precautions (use of disinfectants, staggered entrances to maintain the safety distances, take away meals ) but it is also necessary to provide for those who live on the streets with anything that can help to protect themselves from infection. For this reason, distributions of sanitizing gels and other useful supplies has started, together with food.

The increased need for food and hygiene products is an invitation to greater solidarity.

Everyone can contribute financially, or by collecting useful items such as food, sanitizing gels and tissue paper.