#October 10, World Day against the Death Penalty: a new website for an everlasting commitment

October 9 2020

Death Penalty

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On the occasion of the World Day against the Death Penalty, the Community of Sant'Egidio reaffirms its global commitment to campaign for the abolition of this inhuman and arbitrary measure, to defend life of every condemned person. It has also launched a new website of the Campaign for a world with no death penalty.

The new website works well on multiple devices thanks to its simple and essential graphics and is intended to be a means of active participation in the campaign: appeals and petitions are easily sent,  online events can be shared.


In this time marked by the pandemic, the conditions of those already living in extreme isolation in maximum security prisons and often awaiting execution have become even more dramatic all over the world.

The Community has therefore intensified its effort to humanise prisoners’ life.  It is notable that right when humanity had to cope with a crisis and was particularly vulnerable, the number of people engaging in defence of human life  has increased. More people have signed appeals to have death sentences commuted and offered to correspond with prisoners.

Sant'Egidio closely follows
the evolution and sustains all efforts of countries, such as Central Africa and Karzakhstan, that decide to refuse death penalty as a means of justice. It is looking forward to the 75th session of UN General Assembly in December when - after the publication of a specific report by the Secretary General - a new resolution for a universal moratorium on executions will be voted on with a presumably larger majority than the previous one.