The needs of those living on the street are many, first of all they have to protect themselves from cold and hunger. Giving aid to those who don’t find shelter for the night can prevent them from dying of starvation.

For this reason, since the beginning of the eighties, groups of people from the Community go to the train stations in the evening or in places where the homeless find shelter for the night, bringing warm food and drinks, blankets and other kinds of useful comfort to protect from the cold.

In countries where the severity of temperatures threatens the lives of those living outdoors, this capillary presence in the streets intensifies during the winter season with the aim of reaching in particular the most isolated and less able to defend themselves from the cold. When reception facilities are missing or full, this is the only way to protect the lives of the homeless.

Moreover, this loyal and friendly presence treasures the value of the visit: to go towards those in need, bridging their gap of isolation by reconnecting them with ties of affection and solidarity.