In Albania, especially during summer, there is a rather unusual but very attractive vacation destination: the "red house" in Tirana, which is the facility that was built by Sant'Egidio. Specifically, it is a house that hosts a group of mentally ill people. It is an alternative to the psychiatric ward, and it is a way for groups of friends from all over Italy to come and spend a vacation period together with the guests.

At home, the weeks pass in friendship amid games, outings, visits, domestic activities, songs, and parties. Moreover, many guests are Albanian and non-Albanian. The experience at the "home" wants to promote a different understanding of mental distress. Thus, the sympathy and words of the guests are very explicit. While the guests were welcoming a group of scouts, one of them said in perfect Italian: "These friends have opened my eyes and my thoughts!"
There are currently 18 patients living in the house (which are two communicating ones). For the past month, a new friend, whose name is A, has arrived from the psychiatric hospital in Elbasan. A. is an acquaintance of many years. He is a man without a home or family, who has now found both in the "shtepia e kuqe," which means "house" in Albanian. A. is happy with his new life. Furthermore, as soon as he arrived at the house, he spent a one-week vacation at the seaside with the others in Tale. They were generously hosted by the Rogationist fathers of Shenkoll.

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