The president of Central African Republic, Archange Touadéra at Sant'Egidio: "A house of peace for my country"

"We trust in your friendship for the continuation of the reconciliation process," he added

The President of the Central African Republic, Faustine Archange Touadéra, in Rome to meet Pope Francis, visited Sant'Egidio tonight, where he met the founder, Prof. Andrea Riccardi, and some community leaders.

"I come here, because it is a house of peace that has meant a lot to my country," said President Touadéra, who underlined the bonds of profound friendship that have united in the difficult search for peace the Central African Republic with Sant'Egidio, even in the darkest moments of the war.

"Now we need additional efforts for a peace agreement, and we trust in the friendship of Sant’Egidio," added Archange Touadéra with regard to the recent peace agreement signed for the reconciliation of the country, also thanks to the mediation of Saint Egidio. "We came here to meet our friends and thank them for all their efforts to build the conditions for a peace agreement. We seek peace and there are mechanisms in the agreement that will allow us to work. We are committed to ensuring that the agreement is achieved, and peace arrives in Central African Republic ".

He also expressed gratitude for the work of the AIDS treatment community through the DREAM program, which recently opened a center for patient care. During the talks the progress of the process of national reconciliation and disarmament of armed groups was illustrated. It was made possible by the peace agreement negotiated in Khartoum and signed in Bangui on 6 February 2019.