The signing of a new protocol for 600 asylum seekers who come from the Horn of Africa

new protocol for the arrival of 600 asylum seekers in two years from Ethiopia, Niger, and Jordan was signed in the Rome room of the Ministry of the Interior. The protocol was endorsed by the Italian Episcopal Conference (which will act through the Caritas Italiana and the Migrantes Foundation), with the Secretary-General, Mons. Stefano Russo, the Community of Sant'Egidio, with its President Marco Impagliazzo - as promoters-, together with Prefect Gerarda Pantalone for the Ministry of Interior and Luigi Maria Vignali, who is the Director-General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Marco Impagliazzo argues that: "The humanitarian corridors are a project that was born in Italy and that has been successful in many European countries. We have asked Europe to extend it to more nations because it works. It is even a legal channel that gives security to our fellow citizens. Specifically, Italians have shown a great ability to welcome and integrate people through the establishment of humanitarian corridors. This is what Pope Francis always asks, which is precisely the combination of welcome and integration. Hence, this is the strength of this project, because it puts the two things together. The refugees, who have arrived in recent years from both the Horn of Africa and Lebanon, are now perfectly integrated. In the end, the overall result is a great success because it also shows the great ability of Italians to welcome people and their intelligence to ensure that everyone is completely integrated into our society."