From the Roma camp to MA and working placement: “Today by supporting children, I can finally give back all I’ve received"

The story of a young Roma, raised at the School of Peace in Rome. VIDEO

“I wish to help others like others have done with me”. Roberto, 28 years old, is a young Roma who lived his childhood in the Roma camp, one of the largest in Europe, the Casilino 900 in Rome. A desolate place, which now no longer exists. The constant presence and friendship of Sant’Egidio volunteers where the concrete support and incentive for children to attend school curricula.

This is how his life has changed: nowadays he has got a Diploma in Accounting and a MA in Hospitality Marketing. Also, he is a volunteer of Sant'Egidio carrying out civil services in a Libraries placed in the suburbs of Rome, such as San Basilio and Ponte Galeria. Roberto lets the children play and reads books with them. As he learned as a child...