When life wins over war. Clinique DREAM celebrating one year of free HIV treatment.

News from the DREAM centre in Bangui, Central Africa- where Sant’Egidio is providing free care for adults and children affected by HIV and chronic diseases.

Every anniversary is important, yet the first birthday has always a special meaning as new things really pose many challenges to be realized. The DREAM centre in Bangui, Central Africa, was a dream that began many years ago. Despite many difficulties - war, the violence not yet completely stopped - we have never stopped fighting to make this dream come true.

This way, one year ago the Clinique DREAM of Sant'Egidio opened in the center of Bangui. Today it is a place where many adults and children can find free treatment for a number of chronic diseases - a revolution in a country with no free treatment, and the highest mortality rates in the world.

The DREAM family has grown and today there are more than 1,000 patients who regularly receive assistance and care and although HIV remains one of the most critical diseases, only this year the DREAM clinique, has also saved the lives of hundreds patient suffering from epileptics, diabetics, asthmatics or hypertension. We took care of more than 800 pregnancies and were able to vaccinate thousands of children.
The first anniversary, becomes a hymn to life.


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