Thanksgiving of Solidarity in New York City

This year the traditional Thanksgiving Parade in New York City was one of solidarity. Due to the restrictions from the pandemic, in an empty and closed city, the Community went out in the streets and distributed about 250 meals and gift packages that were prepared by the Catholic Church of Epiphany where the Community prays every week
Our friends were grateful as we did not leave them alone. Many remembered fondly the past Thanksgiving, Christmas, and picnics that are all part of the story of the Community of Sant’Egidio and our friends in the street  for almost 10 years. It was good to spend this very festive day together, distanced yes, but still united!
Our friends have been suffering greatly for the effects of the pandemic and as a Community we have grown in our service to them especially during this difficult time. Since the very beginning of this pandemic we have learned to think and tried to live as Pope Francis told us, realizing that we are all in one boat and that we need to have everyone in it.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!