"Espacio de Solidaridad" reopened in Barcelona, where people sell and buy friendship and care for the elderly for free

The Sant'Egidio "Espacio de Solidaridad" of the "Long Live the Elderly" movement has reopened in the heart of Barcelona's Barrio Gotico after months of pandemic.

It is a meeting place for the elderly of the area where you can experience solidarity. There are items from Africa and Latin America, as well as handicrafts and "embroidery" made by the elderly. The proceeds are donated to support a co-housing project for elderly people in the area.

For a long time, the elderly were confined to their homes without being able to meet their friends, but "Espacio de Solidaridad" has brought back the joy of meeting again. Lourdes, an 89-year-old woman, said. "We have been longing for this day, to get moving again!". Rumours had been going around for days among the elderly in the neighbourhood and beyond, and many people turned up on the opening day.