In the refugee camps of Lesbos and Athens the winter mission of Sant'Egidio with the Youth for Peace

Food aid and friendship, is #Christmasforall at one of Europe's border

Fiyaz kept the diploma of the Summerschool of Sant'Egidio last summer and shows it with pride. He knew they would come back. Those are the kinds of friends who don’t forget about you. And sure enough just after Christmas, while the cold wind beats the coast of Lesbos where the shantytown of "Moria2" is located, the friends of Sant'Egidio are back, full of gifts and friendship.

They are about 15 people, from Rome and Neaples, who become for some years now citizens of this Greek island, destination of many refugees. In these days, they are supplying food aid and shelter packages to the refugees staying in the city, to those living in the camp and in the small Roma village on the hill. For each child then, as it should be at Christmas, there is a gift: some toys and a box of Christmas treats.

In the same days, a different group of Sant’Egidio with 20 Youth for Peace from Italy and Germany is in the city of Athens to support and provide concrete help to the children living in the camp of Eleonas. They are Afghans, Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese, Somalis, Congolese. Also in the city of Athens, the logo of the Community is a symbol of friendship, protection and hope.