Yet other 28 people under dialysis arrive in Italy from Ukraine. They will be treated in hospitals in Rome, Turin and Novara while nursing is impossible in a country at war.

Sant'Egidio's effort to save lives of the most vulnerable people from the worst war-affected areas of Ukraine doesn't stop. After a first group of fifty people under dialysis arrived at Rome, Genua and Padua from the East of Ukraine, the Community escorted and welcomed in Italy other twenty-eight people who were in peril of their lives due to the poor conditions of the medical facilities in time of war. The refugees come from various cities and regions of eastern Ukraine, the most affected by war (Kiev, Kremenchuk, Poltava, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kramatorsk in the Donbass). They managed to arrive to Italy thanks to the work of Sant'Egidio that planned and carried out their evacuation from the war zones.

After long and difficult journeys, they reached the Slovak border, where Sant'Egidio provideed a first welcome and, in collaboration with the Slovak Health Ministry, a dialysis session, necessary to continue their journey.

Then a first group headed for Turin, a second one for Novara. They were welcomed by the Community and admitted in hospitals of the two cities.

Finally, a third group arrived in Rome late at night. They have been welcomed in accomodations provided by the Community thanks to the funds collected for Ukranian refugees. They will be nursed in San Camillo Hospital and in Castelli Romani hospital.