Ukraine marks its third Easter at war. As the bombing continues, people are working to build the future and opening places of welcome and solidarity

Kyiv, like the rest of Ukraine, experienced its third Easter at war. Anti-aircraft alarms are a constant in everyday life. Night bombings never failed to hit the city hard in recent months.

The youth and adults of the Community of Sant'Egidio share the hardships and suffering of the population living in the capital. Since the very first moments of the war they have responded with solidarity: the humanitarian aid centres for displaced people are now three in Kyiv, as the Youth for Peace centre, hit by a missile explosion in March 2022, was reopened. About 8,000 people receive assistance and counselling every month. Yet the people of the Community also continue to provide practical support to the city's homeless and elderly poor. Children displaced from war zones attend the Schools of Peace.
Even amid this destruction, dreams for a better future and signs of hope spring from solidarity. Even in war-torn Kyiv! An example of this was the recent inauguration of a family home for the homeless, in the city centre, thanks also to the support of US AID. A beautiful, bright, familiar place that has welcomed four men, who we met on the street and who have been friends of the Community of Sant'Egidio for many years.  The dream of giving a home to those who live the hardness of the street in the harsh Ukrainian winters, made even harsher by the war, has come true. It is a sign of hope: a space for humanity and peace can be created even in a city at war. A future can be imagined where there is room for everyone, especially the most fragile.
The support of everyone is more essential than ever in these difficult circumstances. Sant'Egidio appeals to everyone's generosity to continue supporting these initiatives. Every contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of people hard hit by war.

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