The periphery revives. Art can make of a suburb of Rome the centre. The event of the exhibition DIS/Integration inTor Bella Monaca

«I’ve been overwhelmed by the stimuli and that is why I invite you to be more and more protagonists of your own narrative. Here in Tor Bella Monaca, a place where one can think that there is nothing to save or propose, I urge you to perceive that, in such place, you are a wonderful presence. Your self-narrative is the challenge. Those who bear impairments, any kind of frailties, can find a way so that impairments don’t
identify with their lives, but they become an extraordinary dramaturgic introduction for the regeneration of
their lives, instead. And the moment to be born again it’s today, among these buildings, where the
collective narrative and each one’s narrative reverse».
With these words the writer Daniele Mercatelli excitedly expressed his astonishment before DIS/Integration (the exhibition of the artists with disabilities gathered by the art workshops of Sant’Egidio), after he had watched the paintings and listened to the poems, that – as Cristina Cannelli, coordinator of the art workshops, explained – «express the desire of narrative of any person with impairments who needs to
find listeners as well as the chance of a personal story within a wider story».
Many people from that area attended, along with delegations of artists from the different workshops of Sant’Egidio. They came at early afternoon to complete a collective Street Art work, carrying the posters made in their workshops by them and by some street artists of the city. Other contributions and the artistic direction were by Gojo, Leonardo Crudi, Aloha, Zara, Lus 57, Jesus, Tifa Toro, and JBRock.
The art historian Alessandro Zuccari closed his speech saying: «The words in Daniele Mercatelli’s books, the words of the friend from the workshops, gathered and read by the actors Irene Ciani and Massimo Fanelli, make us understand that the words can free from negligibility. They can do it because they compose a common story and they are the origin of creativity. The words can be seeds of peace. The people with
disabilities teach us how to disarm the language and how to let everyone’s best part emerge».
Before and after the meeting those present had the chance to visit the exhibition.
A great celebration was held in the huge hall of the same Museum-Workshop of Tor Bella Monaca with many Ukrainian refugees, especially children, fled from war, who have reached Italy few days ago and have been welcomed by families and associations, or into shelters arranged by the Community of Sant’Egidio.
The actress Rocío Munoz Morales, recently appointed patroness of the 79th Venice International Film Festival, was present. There was a playtime for the children, with street performers and clowns, and the famous illusionist Andrea Sestieri. Many voluntary workers, who had joined the initiative, and particularly those who work with children in that district, like the movement Youth for Peace, entertained the younger
guests with games and other activities whose theme will be peace.