Inclusive art: a peaceful rebellion against the evil in the world. Artworks by artists with disabilities at the American Embassy to the Holy See

Artworks of artists with disabilities from Sant'Egidio Art Labs are on display at the American Embassy to the Holy See in Rome. Yesterday, 22 May, an event took place in this beautiful setting for these paintings to be admired.

Mauro Garofalo, on behalf of Sant'Egidio, greeted the participants and emphasised that the artworks on display are the result of the patient work of artists with disabilities. "Art represents a peaceful rebellion against world problems such as war, loneliness and inequality. Friendship and solidarity are key values for the Community. The works convey a profound and peaceful message, and invite people to change. Personal stories also emerge, like that of Giovanni Fenu, who struggled against loneliness through art."
Ambassador Donnelly, addressing the guests, said: "Art is an integral part of the American experience. Since the birth of our nation, arts have reflected and inspired our culture, uniting people of diverse backgrounds and political views."