Pope Francis receives delegations from South Sudan, government and opposition participating in peace talks with Sant'Egidio in Vatican

 Representatives of the South Sudanese government and of the opposition that has not signed the peace agreement have been meeting at the Community of Sant'Egidio in recent days. After a break in talks for several months, the meeting is one of the fruits of Pope Francis' visit to Juba last February. The delegations, which represent all opposition parties, have reopened dialogue in the framework of the Rome Initiative for South Sudan and have scheduled the next round of negotiations in May, in Rome. This morning, reports ANSA, the delegations, both from the government and the non-signatory South Sudanese opposition, have been received in audience by Pope Francis. He encouraged them to continue the negotiations. "I take this visit in my heart as I take in my heart the visit to Juba, I pray for the South Sudanese people. Do not forget to pray for me," the Pontiff said