97 refugees brought from Libya to Italy thanks to humanitarian corridors. Some are very vulnerable people. Representatives of institutions, associations and many young people welcomed them

An atmosphere one celebration fills Fiumicino airport in Rome. Many people, especially young people, have come to greet and welcome the refugees who have reached Italy today thanks to the new protocol for humanitarian corridors from Libya. They have been waiting and suffering for months - sometimes years - in Libya .


'This new protocol opens a path for the people who are most in need'. Marco Impagliazzo, president of the Community of Sant'Egidio, said. He was at Fiumicino airport to welcome and give a  'Welcome to Italy' to 97 refugees evacuated from detention camps in Libya. 'In recent years,' he added, 'we have heard some very harsh stories about the situation of migrants in Libya and today we are particularly happy to welcome these 97 people including many minors who have suffered so much. Many of them are with severe medical condition and this is another important reason for a legal corridor.  They will be guaranteed proper care to recover. These people come from very suffering countries: from Ethiopia to Sudan and then South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Syria. People who really needed to find a new life as I hope they will find here in Italy'. (source ANSA).