From Gaza to Rome: a new life for Palestinian children and their families welcomed by the Community of Sant'Egidio

As F. comes out of kindergarten, he runs, smiling and happy, and hugs his mother. A 'normal' scene, which, however, is not normal at all. F. in fact, is one of the Palestinian children evacuated from Gaza, together with their families, and welcomed in Italy by the Community of Sant'Egidio.

They have fled from the bombs and hunger, bearing the marks of pain and the wounds - sometimes very serious - of war. 
The first group of Palestinian refugees arrived in Italy about a month ago. Some of them were in extremely serious condition: wounds were deep, some had to undergo amputations and are still in hospital. Others have been accommodated in facilities of the Community.  For children like F., we are trying to help them live a normal life again, attending kindergarten or school.
Many of them, despite the war, wish to return to Palestine. It is clearly impossible at the moment. As we hope for peace to come soon, the Community has been working to help reunite the surviving family members.