Syria, 13 years of a forgotten war. Let us continue to pray for peace

On 15 March 2011, the war in Syria began. The conflict has caused millions of refugees, thousands of missing persons and an unknown number of deaths, destruction and immense suffering for the entire population, especially the most vulnerable, such as children, women and the elderly.
The conflict continues after 13 years, with its burden of destruction and suffering, yet it is not making the headlines anymore.
The humanitarian crisis has continued to deteriorate. The earthquake of 6 February 2023 has worsened an already dire situation and made many areas in northern Syria even more vulnerable. It has put a considerable strain on resources of the reception centres.

In recent years, the Community has reached out to the Syrian people by welcoming thousands of refugees through humanitarian corridors. We do not want the Syrian people to fall into oblivion. Let us keep the focus on this serious humanitarian crisis. Let us continue to call for peace for Syria and for all the war-affected countries of the world.