Easter celebrated with Sant'Egidio in Mulanje prison in Malawi. Divisions were overcome and peace spread

For some years now, there is a Community of Sant'Egidio in the prison of Mulanje, a place in the southern part of Malawi. Its members are prison guards and inmates who gather in common prayer and live the spirit of fraternity of Sant'Egidio.

The place is poor and overcrowded: there are currently about 500 inmates in the prison, divided into about ten large rooms. People sleep on the floor on makeshift straw mattresses, the few personal belongings are kept in plastic bags hanging from the ceiling so as not to occupy precious space.
All the cells overlook an inner courtyard that is the only common space available to share time outside the cell.
Here guards and inmates experienced Holy Week together with other friends of the Community of Sant'Egidio who joined them for common prayer and reflection. 
The meeting took place in the inner courtyard of the prison. A large tent was set up here, and became the "beautiful hall" of the gathering and the light of the Resurrection was able to illuminate even the darkness of this African prison.
The Community of Sant'Egidio has been present in Mulanje prison for many years.It distributes food and other basic necessities. Major maintenance work has also been carried out, such as the renovation of the toilets and the installation of cisterns and pumps to supply drinking water. In addition, an external building has been set up to offer Vocational Training courses (carpentry, plumbing, tailoring). They give inmates the opportunity to acquire skills and help them reintegrate into society once they have been released.
But above all, a Community was born, a concrete example of how the fraternity that arises from listening to the Gospel and praying together can overcome the invisible but apparently impassable barrier that separates prisoners and custody officers. A seed of hope and peace.