Belgium welcomes Humanitarian Corridors: four refugee families from Afghanistan, who had fled to Pakistan

The Community of Sant'Egidio in Belgium welcomed four Afghan families - as part of the Humanitarian Corridors - at Zaventem Airport in Brussels yesterday evening. They are refugees from Pakistan, where they had fled after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Because Pakistani laws had changed, they risked being sent back to the country from which they had fled, putting their lives at serious risk.
The four families will live in Aarschot, Antwerp, Boechout and Turnhout with the support of Sant'Egidio and local committees, which guarantee reception, accommodation, guidance in the asylum procedure and assistance with integration for at least one year.
Since 2022, a total of 126 people have arrived in Belgium safely and legally to start a new life.
Sant'Egidio plans to fly in more Syrian and Afghan families from Lebanon and Pakistan in the coming weeks and months.
According to the agreement signed at the end of 2021 between Sant'Egidio and the government of Belgium, 250 vulnerable refugees can enter Belgium as part of this humanitarian corridor.

150 refugees in a vulnerable condition were received in Belgium with an earlier Humanitarian Corridor and were able to build a new life for themselves and their families.