NO MORE WALLS - Festival of the Children of Sant'Egidio's Schools of Peace in Berlin: overcome walls and build peace

 To mark the first World Children's Day, which took place in Rome with Pope Francis, the Schools of Peace organised a street festival 'No More Walls' in the heart of Berlin-Neukölln to build a wall-free Berlin and promote peaceful coexistence in this city of many cultures. The more than one thousand visitors to the festival enjoyed an atmosphere of friendship and living together in cultural diversity. These days, Berlin is also celebrating the 75th anniversary of the German Basic Law, which was adopted on 23 May 1949, and is a reminder that everyone can make a contribution to shaping a humane society. The children of the Schools of Peace want to contribute to this.

The streets were already filled with happy faces and lively sounds in the early afternoon. Performances by the children, the Sant'Egidio Band, a dance group from the Free University and other artists created a cheerful atmosphere. There was a wide selection of games and delicious food at numerous stands.
The words of the children from the School of Peace, who expressed their love for the common home that is the Earth, and their commitment to their peers in poorer countries, such as Malawi, were particularly touching.  The event ended with a greeting from the No More Walls team in twelve different languages, symbolising the multicultural character of the event. No more walls!