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Mozambique - delegation of Sant’Egidio at the funeral of Afonso Dhlakama

May 10 2018 - MOZAMBIQUE


Leader of the Renamo, signatory of the Peace Agreement in Rome, 4th October 1992.

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Sant'Egidio at the UN Security Council to report on the situation in the Central African Republic

November 6 2017 - NEW YORK, UNITED STATES

PeaceCentral African Republic

Mauro Garofalo: "The success of this beginning of disarmament is the credibility of the whole process"

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October 5th, World Teachers' Day 2017: Let everyone go to school... of language, culture, and peace!

October 5 2017

PeaceRoma and SintiSchool of Peacechildren

And thanks to all those who school freely and willingly the children, immigrants, Roma people, everywhere in the world.

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