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NO to the Death Penalty
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       Comunità di Sant'Egidio

August 2002

31/08/02  Nigeria
Man sentenced to be stoned.   (IT)

31/08/02  Texas/USA
Gary Etheridge, 38,  was executed.   (EN)

30/08/02  USA
Study Finds Big Increase in Black Men as Inmates Since 1980.   (EN)

30/08/02  Nigeria 
The reactions from the whole world after the sentence for Amina.   (EN)

29/08/02  Malaysia 
Court of Appeal frees man on death row.   (EN)

28/08/02  Pakistan 
Supreme Court  Orders Christian Freed.   (IT-EN)

28/08/02  Argentina 
Menem proposes death penalty for kidnappers.   (IT)

27/08/02  Liberia 
Soldiers found guilty of rape will be executed.   (EN)

27/08/02  Missouri/USA 
Daniel Basile, 35, was executed after 22-hour reprieve.   (EN)

26/08/02  Philippines
12 youthful convicts moved from death row.    (EN)

26/08/02  Saudi Arabia 
Abdel Rahman Khan, from Pakistan, was beheaded.    (EN)

26/08/02  Georgia/USA 
Wallace Fugate, 52, was executed.    (EN)

25/08/02  Jordan 
Death penalty overturned.    (EN)

25/08/02  Texas/USA 
Medina: a right denied and international troubling.    (EN)

25/08/02  Texas/USA - UN
Dominicans and Franciscans at UN Commission bifore the execution of Medina.    (EN)

25/08/02  Japan 
Supreme Court upholds death sentences for two Chinese men.   (EN)

24/08/02  Nigeria/European Union  
EU concerned over Nigerian court rejection of appeal against stoning of Amina.    (IT-EN)

24/08/02  Iran  
Rapist to be thrown off cliff in sack.    (IT-EN)

22/08/02  Nigeria  
The reactions from the whole world after the sentence for Amina.    (EN-IT)

22/08/02  Missisipi/USA  
Tracy Alan Hansen was executed.    (EN)

22/08/02  USA  
States taking steps to change death penalty laws in light of Supreme Court ruling. (EN)

21/08/02  Italy/Nigeria  
M. Marazziti (Sant'Egidio): "Our conscience rejects sentences like this". (IT)

21/08/02  China  
Saved 4 minutes before the execution. (IT)

21/08/02  USA  
Justice Scalia again on the death penalty.  (EN)

20/08/02  Nigeria  
Amina - Nigeria's stoning sentence confirmed. (2) (IT-EN-FR)

20/08/02  Lesotho  
Justice Minister proposes death penalty for HIV-positive rapists. (EN)

20/08/02  USA  

Rosalynn Carter called for a national moratorium on executions.  (EN)

19/08/02  Nigeria  

Amina - Nigeria's stoning sentence confirmed.  (IT-EN)

19/08/02  Japan  

Community of Sant'Egidio - M. Tagusari reports us about the death penalty in Japan.   (IT-EN)

19/08/02  Texas/USA  

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stays the esecution of a mentally retarded man.  (EN)

19/08/02  USA  

DPIC "Death Row USA" Summer 2002.  (EN)

18/08/02  Iran  

Cleric calls for death penalty against reformist scholar.  (EN)

18/08/02  Texas/USA  

Richard Kutzner, 59, was executed (IT-EN)

18/08/02  USA  

Abolishing the Death Penalty: Not If But When (National Coalition).  (EN)

17/08/02  Texas/USA  

T.J.Jones, 25, convicted of murder at 17, was executed.  (EN)

17/08/02  Colorado/USA  

W.Nieves, former death row inmate, speaks at the Parliament.  (EN)

17/08/02  Palestinian Autority  

Bashir Atari, 26, mentally ill, was executed by firing squad.  (EN)

16/08/02  Missouri/USA  

The execution of Daniel Basile stayer at the last minute.  (IT-EN)

16/08/02  USA  

Card. Keeler is optimist about the possibiliy of abolishing the death penalty.  (IT)

15/08/02  Mexico  

Mexican leader cancels trip to Texas.  (IT-EN)

15/08/02  Texas/USA  

Javier Medina was executed.   (IT-EN)

15/08/02   Texas/USA  

Authorities reject a plea for a stay of Medina’s execution.  (EN)

15/08/02   Mexico-Texas/USA  

Mexican President asks Texas Governor to halt the execution of Medina.  (EN)

15/08/02   USA  

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stevens addresses death penalty for juveniles.  (IT-EN)

15/08/02   USA  

ABA publishes a report on juveniles and death penalty and another on clemency and consequences.  (EN)

14/08/02   Philippines  

Supreme Court removes 107 convicts from death row.  (EN)

14/08/02   USA  

Death penalty: in America the minds are changing.  (IT)

14/08/02   Italy/Nigeria  

Safiya was given the freedom of the city of Rome.  (IT)

13/08/02   Texas/USA    Urgent Appeal

Let us save the life of Javier Medina! Urgent Appeal (Execution scheduled on Aug. 14th).  (EN)

13/08/02   Amnesty International - Texas/USA   

Amnesty International: Texas Officials Must Halt Execution of Mexican J. Suarez Medina.  (EN)

13/08/02   Philippines   

Supreme Court orders removal of 12 minors from death row.  (EN)

13/08/02   Florida/USA   

Hot cells on death row.  (EN)

12/08/02   USA    

Retarded Inmates File Death Appeals.  (EN)

12/08/02   Nigeria    

3 policemen sentenced to death.  (EN)

12/08/02   Florida/USA    

Executions have been on hold for half a year, but fate of  death row inmates is unsure.  (EN)

11/08/02   Philippines    

Church and Government: two different opinions as to the death penalty.  (EN)

09/08/02   Texas/USA    

We Keep on supporting Thomas Miller El.  (IT)

09/08/02   Florida/USA    

R. Trease changes mind: he will fight his death sentence. (EN)

09/08/02   Nigeria    

Human Rights Organization called Fed. Gov. to abolish the death penalty.  (EN)

09/08/02   Indonesia    

No death penalty call for Tommy Suharto.  (EN)

08/08/02   Nigeria    

Amina: the verdict on August 19th.  (EN)

08/08/02   Canada    

Homicide rates has decreased after abolition of the death penalty. (EN)

08/08/02   Tajikistan    

Supreme Court orders death penalty for accomplice of warlord. (EN)

08/08/02   Italy/Pakistan    

A delegation of Italian Senate in Pakistan to save Anwar Kenneth.  (IT)

07/08/02   Kentuchy/USA    

Larry Osborne,22, is the 102nd  death row inmate freed.  (EN)

07/08/02   Nord Carolina/USA    

His lawyer was drunk during trial, but N. Bowie will be executed.  (IT)

07/08/02   Nigeria    

Amina waits: she will accept verdict.  (EN)

06/08/02   Turchia    

Parliament abolishes the death penalty. The Colosseum lits up 2 days.  (IT-EN)

06/08/02   Jordan    

Three men hanged in one week.  (IT)

06/08/02   Texas/USA    

Human Rights Commission to Review Petition of Mexican National Scheduled for Execution.  (EN)

04/08/02  Nigeria    

On a Nigerian newspaper the debate on the capital sentences by stoning.  (EN)

03/08/02  California/USA   Urgent Appeal                          Juveniles

Charles Andy Williams  -  16 years old - He will be tried next August 15th by a court for adults. He may be sentenced to life prison without parole.  (EN)

03/08/02  Florida/USA      Urgent Appeal                          Juveniles

Derek and Alex King  -  13 e 12 years old - They are waiting for a trial by a court for adults. They are risking life prison without parole. (EN)

03/08/02  USA    

Death Penalty Fixes.  (EN)

01/08/02  Italy    

Colosseum lit up again for Guatemala.  (IT)

01/08/02  Saudi Arabia   

Mohammed Nabi Fateh Kal, Pakistani, was beheaded.  (EN)