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December 2001

31/12/01 USA

Rules on Tribunal Require Unanimity on Death Penalty Continua

31/12/01 Oklahoma/USA

In Oklahoma this year more executions than in Texas Continua

31/12/01 Sudan

4 robbers sentenced to death by hanging Continua

31/12/01 Oklahoma/USA

On death row, Christmas just another day Continua

31/12/01 Nigeria

Bola Ige, Justice minister who said he was against the execution of Safya, was shot to death Continua

30/12/01 Vietnam

Death sentence confirmed to 7 drug traffickers Continua

30/12/01 South Africa

Opposition parties have urged government to let the public decide whether to reinstate capital punishment Continua

30/12/01 Virginia/USA

Opposed to the death penalty? If you're the victim of a capital murder, a proposed Virginia law would prohibit your killer from being executed Continua

30/12/01 Pennsylvania/USA

Racial Discrimination Results in New Trial for Philadelphia Death Row Inmate Continua

30/12/01 Russia

Death penalty issue in Russia on Pravda Continua

29/12/01 Malaysia

19 Malaysian Muslim Cult Found Guilty of Rebellion, could be sentenced to hang Continua

29/12/01 Japan

A  mental patient charged with stabbing eight schoolchildren, could be sentenced to death Continua

29/12/01 Japan

2 men were executed by hanging, but the Government refuses to give the names Continua

28/12/01 Nigeria

Judiciary 'll Decide Safiya's Case, Says Governor of Sofoto  Bafarawa.“Safiya is as free as everybody, and nobody has ever arrested her" Continua

28/12/01 USA

No Place for Death Penalty In a Civilized Society (Daily News) Continua

28/12/01 Nigeria

Italian Catholic  magazine “Famiglia Cristiana” joins the appeal of Sant’Egidio Community to save Safiya Continua

28/12/01 USA

Sacrificing the death penalty to nab suspects Continua

27/12/01 USA

Decision behind death penalty could be political hot potato Continua

27/12/01 USA

Spurned for Our Death Penalty (Los Angeles Times) Continua

27/12/01 Rwanda

President of Ruanda claims to journalists he is against death penalty Continua

26/12/01 China

Two Chinese men convicted of embezzlement have been sentenced to death for financial scams Continua

26/12/01 Tajikistan

Tajik,foreign lawmakers call for death penalty moratorium Continua

26/12/01 Pennsylvania/USA

Reasoning behind Abu-Jamal reversal Continua

24/12/01 Kansas/USA

Kansas continues review of death penalty law Continua

24/12/01 United Nations

UN chief war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte is against death penalty, even in extreme cases, like Bin Laden Continua

24/12/01 Italy

The President of Italian Districts write to the President of Nigeria for Safiya Continua

24/12/01 Lebanon

President Emile Lahoud of Lebanon expressed his commitment to imposing a moratorium on executions while he is in office 

24/12/01 European Union

Prodi asks Niogerian President to save safya’s life and encourages him to abolish death penalty Continua

24/12/01 Catalogna

Mario Marazziti of  the Community of Sant’Egidio presented in Barcelona the new book ““No matarás”, a book which explains why it is necessary to abolish death penalty Continua

20/12/01 Nigeria

According to the spokesman of Nigerian Government the death sentence of Safya will be overturned because she divorced and therefore she is not an adulteress. In the meanwhile Italian Parliament and Government officially ask for clemency for her  Continua

20/12/01 Nigeria

The stones against the woman: Italian newspapaer La Repubblica about the right to And the case of Safiya Continua

20/12/01 Philadelphia/USA

A hope for Mumia: judge overturns death sentence Continua

20/12/01 USA

Criminalizing the Mentally Ill (The Washington Post) Continua

20/12/01 Nigeria

No Alternative to Death Penalty for Safiya, says L. Adegbite, Secretary General of the Nigeria Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) Continua

20/12/01 USA

Giuliani wants the death penalty for the “American Taleban” Continua

20/12/01 Italia

Nigerian Ambassador confirms that Federal Government will try to avoid the execution of Safiya Continua

19/12/01 Italy

Several Italian Parliamentarians back the petition of the Community of Sant’Egidio for Safya Continua

19/12/01 North Carolina/USA

New law permitted to commute a death sentence for mentally ill Continua

18/12/01 Italy

More than twenty Italian Senators back the appeal of the Community of Sant'Egidio for Safiya - 27/11/01 Continua

17/12/01 USA

A Report on Capital Punishment Statistics Continua

17/12/01 Illinois/USA

Chicago Death Row Case Reopened Continua

17/12/01 Illinois/USA

Will Ryan reject death penalty for terrorists? Continua

17/12/01 Maryland/USA

Maryland's highest court upheld the state's death penalty law,  pleading  Gov. to impose a moratorium on executions Continua

17/12/01 Nigeria

Safya disappeared, says Italian Vice Minister Continua

17/12/01 European Union

European Parliament against extradition to the U.S., for people charged with terrorism Continua

15/12/01 Texas/USA

Female death sentence overturned.Appeals court overturns woman's death verdict, orders new trial Continua

15/12/01 Pakistan

Young offenders taken off death row Continua

15/12/01 Ghana

On the newspapers the debate about the abolition Continua

15/12/01 USA

Ashcroft on  Death Penalty Continua

15/12/01 France

France demands the United States to spare a French citizen from a possible death Continua

15/12/01 Texas/USA

Texas Conducts Last Execution Slated for 2001. Vincent Cooks, 37, was executed Continua

14/12/01 Italy

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera relaunches the appeal for Safyia Continua
14/12/01 USA

Amnesty International asks Bush for a moratorium of death penalty, on occasion of the human rights week Continua
14/12/01 Russia

Several human rights organisations ask Putin to abolish death penalty Continua
14/12/01 Georgia/USA

Byron Ashley Parker was executed Continua
14/12/01 USA

French national faces federal death penalty Continua
14/12/01 Virginia/USA

Virginia Commission Finds Death Penalty Applied Inconsistently Continua
13/12/01 USA

Poll shows Catholics evenly split on death penalty issue Continua
13/12/01 USA

Statistics of inmates on death row in US Continua
13/12/01 Nigeria

"Safiya Must Not Die," (One world South Asia) Continua
13/12/01 USA

U.S. debates about the drop of executions Continua
13/12/01 Great Britain

Britain could face dilemma over bin Laden death penalty Continua
13/12/01 Italy

Italian newspaper Manifesto supports the campaign of the Community of Sant’Egidio to save Safiya Continua
12/12/01 USA

The Moratorium Gambit (New York Times) Continua
12/12/01 Italy

Barnabei Foundation to adopt two juvenile inmates on death row and to defend Safiya Continua
12/12/01 Nigeria

El Pais backs the appeal presented by the Community of Sant’Egidio for Safiya Continua
09/12/01 Campaign moratorium

Mgr. Guillory, Bishop of Beaumont (the diocese where also Huntsville is), and other 2 American bishops join and support our campaign for a moratorium Continua
09/12/01 Nigeria

Safiyatu says her daughter was the result of rape (BBC) Continua
09/12/01 USA

Death Penalty and Race: Partners in Injustice Continua
09/12/01 Texas/USA

The Yates Trial Update Continua
08/12/01 France

Mumia Abu Jamal Named Honorary Parisian Continua
08/12/01 Oklahoma/USA

Lois Nadean Smith, 61, was executed Continua
08/12/01 Alabama/USA

Alabama Death Row Inmate's Conviction Overturned Continua
08/12/01 Texas/USA

On Social Justice: Revisiting 'Penry' Continua
07/12/01 Tennessee/USA

According to the Tennessee Supreme Court  executing individuals with mental retardation is cruel and unusual punishment prohibited by U.S. Constitution Continua
07/12/01 Italy

Tuscany for Safya Continua
07/12/01 Cuba

Cuba and UE dialogue about human rights, after F.Castro’s words: “Death penalty in Cuba is not eternal, we could even abolish it.” Continua
06/12/01 Nigeria

Safiya got a stay of the execution, but we will struggle with her for a commutation Continua
06/12/01 Egypt

Egypt rejects Fontaine’s accusation about death penalty and human rights Continua
06/12/01 USA

In order to obtain the extradition of the Islamic terrorists from Europe, U.S. could even promise not to use death penalty  Continua

06/12/01 Nigeria

Women Storm Lagos Governor's Office, Plead for Safiya's Life Continua
05/12/01 Texas/USA

Urgent appeals - Thomas Joe Miller-El (Texas) Date scheduled of execution on Feb 21, 2002 Continua
03/12/01 Iran

U.N. committee approved  a statement against human rights violations in Iran, including a growing number of executions and crackdowns on freedom of expression and freedom of the press Continua

03/12/01 Rwanda

Two men sentenced to death for war crimes Continua

03/12/01 North Carolina/USA

John H. Rose put to death Continua

02/12/01 Italy

Italian Parliamentarians present questions on the case of Safya Continua

01/12/01 Turchia

3 leftist militants sentenced to death Continua

01/12/01 Italy

“Even today we cannot avoid to condemn death penalty”, says  Jacques Santer, former President of European Commission Continua

01/12/01 California/USA

Reluctance to Execute Women May Save woman Continua