From the Ramblas the appeal for peace of the youth of Sant'Egidio

The message of the Youth for Peace at the commemoration of the victims of the attack of Barcelona
On Friday 25th August over 500 Youth for Peace of the Community of Sant'Egidio gathered at the Ramblas in Barcelona to remember the victims of the terrorist attack that a few days ago hit the Spanish city. During the ceremony they read an appeal for peace. Here is the full text.

Comunità di Sant’Egidio
Incontro Europeo dei Giovani per la Pace
“More Youth, More Peace”

We, Youth for Peace, Europeans from Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, England and Switzerland, together with representatives of Youth for Peace from America, Africa and Asia, have met with the Community of Sant'Egidio in Barcelona.

After the horror of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, we want to show our will for peace and our commitment to work in the construction of the society of coexistence. Once more we have chosen dialogue and solidarity with the poorest and weakest of our society to build a future in peace and coexistence in Europe and the world.

Whenever a poor person is despised, whenever a stranger suffers from violence in our cities, whenever an old man or woman is forgotten or disregarded, every time a person is judged by his or her origin, religion or for being different, a path of hatred and violence opens in the hearts of people.

We are convinced that only dialogue and integration open the way to peace. We want to overcome evil with good, the triumph of forgiveness over revenge. That is why we want to contribute actively to create a Europe where everyone can live together: a world without racism!

Listening to the voice of the poor, the children, the young generations, the elders, the refugees fleeing the war, we say firmly: No to violence and war! We cannot live without hearing the cry of pain of the innocent!

We, young people, are a force for peace for the future. We need to unite and be many more of us. "More Youth, More Peace". It is sometimes said that young people are distracted, that we are individualistic or uncommitted. We feel the responsibility of the future, and we want to communicate to our generation and the other generations the importance of rejecting any form of racism, discrimination or contempt against any person and against life to build the civilization of coexistence.

We long for a new time in which the globalised world can become a family of peoples; a new time in which the responsibility of building a genuine peace, that prevents conflicts with solidarity, which overcomes hatred and all barriers with encounter and dialogue. Nothing is impossible if we turn to God in prayer. We can all be artisans of peace in our beloved Europe and the world.

We, young Europeans, want peace.
"More Youth, More Peace".

Barcelona, August 25, 2017

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