Ecumenical prayer vigil "Dying of Hope" in Amsterdam in memory of those who lose their lives on their travels to Europe


Dying of hope

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An ecumenical prayer vigil "Dying of Hope" was held in Amsterdam to remember migrants who lose their lives while attempting to reach Europe by sea or along other dangerous routes.  
Last Sunday the Community of Sant'Egidio, the Protestant Diaconia, the Council of Churches and the Catholic Worker Movement joined in a prayer vigil in the church of Moses and Aaron.
Only few people could participate because of the Covid-19 prevention measures, but many others joined live on the websites and social channels of the various organisations. 
The event began with a procession of young people carrying up the aisle posters of migrants during their tragic journeys. At the end of the ceremony young people and religious representatives proceeded to the river Amstel and threw a wreath of flowers into the water in a sign of mourning.

Ecumenical prayer vigil
Ecumenical prayer vigil
Ecumenical prayer vigil