Nigeria: humanitarian aid to the women detained in Suleja Prison

May 3 2017 - ABUJA, NIGERIA


The Community of Sant'Egidio delivered mattresses to prisoners who even don't have a bed to sleep on

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In the female prison of Suleja, a few miles from Abuja, Nigeria, living conditions are so poor that prisoners sleep on the ground. Such extreme poverty can be found in many prisons of the African continent. For this reason, a few days ago the Community of Sant'Egidio in Abuja delivered mattresses to the prisoners: an aid that is added to the many interventions by the Community to improve living conditions in African prisons.

The Community of Sant'Egidio of Abuja regularly visits the women detained in Suleja prison: humanitarian aid, meetings, prayers and celebrations, such as the great Christmas lunch organized in prison on December 25, are opportunities of friendship that prepare these women for a new life outside the prison.