Humanitarian corridors in Belgium: Europe that welcomes

First arrival from Turkey

Welcome, protect, promote and integrate. These are the key words of the Humanitarian Corridors, which continue to open up in Europe.

On Thursday 7th June, a new group of 34 Syrian arrived safely in Brussels with a flight from Turkey. Ten families (19 adults, including elderly and 15 kids) and the dream of starting a new life in Belgium.
Their arrival is the result of an agreement signed between the Belgian government, Sant'Egidio and all the religious authorities of the country promoting the welcoming and integration of 150 Syrian refugees.
The Humanitarian Corridors in Belgium are also the outcome of a collaboration between all Christian churches (Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Orthodox and Anglican) with the support of the Jewish and Muslim communities.

To date, Belgium has welcomed 72 Syrian refugees. Among them a mother who, just a few days ago, gave birth to her son: not in the rubble or during the bombing, but healthy and protected in our Europe.