Welcome to Italy! The arrival of 64 refugees coming from Horn of Africa and Yemen

October 30 2018 - ROME, ITALY

humanitarian corridor

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Early morning today, 30th October, 64 refugees from Southern Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea and Yemen safely arrived to Fiumicino Airport thanks to the Humanitarian Corridors.


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The 2nd leg of our journey into Italy that welcomes

August 9 2018

humanitarian corridor

A new life for the refugees of the Humanitarian Corridors

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Aegean - unacceptable massacre of children. Europe called to find unity and to intervene with concrete solutions for migrants

June 3 2018

humanitarian corridorMIGRANTSchildren

To save from traffickers those in danger, to apply the model of Humanitarian Corridors for those fleeing wars, to consider regular entry

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From Ethiopia a new corridor of hope arrived in Rome this morning

May 30 2018

humanitarian corridorEthiopia

A generous Italy made up of families, parishes and associations with open arms for those in need

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