Deep emotion at the prayer in the refugee camp of Pournara in Cyprus, for the people who lost their lives in migration.

Great emotion was once again aroused by the "Dying of Hope" prayer in memory of those who have lost their lives in migration, in the Pournara refugee camp in Cyprus last Saturday, at the end of the summer of solidarity.
The place was significant: the very space where Sant'Egidio's volunteers have set up the three tents of friendship for five weeks: an English school, a school of peace and activities with children and a restaurant. 
More than three hundred people participated, including Christian and Muslim asylum seekers, volunteers, friends from Cyprus and diplomats. The celebration was presided over by Father Bruno Varriano, Patriarchal Vicar of the Latin Church, very active in helping migrants in difficulty on the island. Msgr. George Panamthundil, who in recent years has worked in the Apostolic Nunciature in Cyprus and has supported the work of Sant'Egidio,  gave the homily. "The authority that Jesus gives you," he said, addressing the migrants in the camp, "is to share with your brothers and sisters your problems, your anguish, your moments of sadness and to overcome them together. And above all, never give up hope!".
At the end, small olive branches were distributed to all as a sign of peace, a big party concluded the evening with singing and dancing.