To global contagion, we respond with the globalization of solidarity. images of hope coming from the Communities of Sant'Egidio in the world

These are difficult days: we are experiencing a worldwide health emergency due to the spread of the coronavirus, and almost all countries have taken social distancing measures to combat the infection.

The situation of many poor people is more serious than ever. So many don’t have food.

This is why we would like to share with you the mages below, showing the world-wide aid support the different Communities are offering to the poorest.

From COVID-19 Info-Campaigns, even in remote villages, to Video-Calls to the elderly people in care homes, to overcome the distance and reach everyone with words of friendship and affection. There is an even growing number of food aid, from home delivery to distributions of meals on the street. Self-produced sanitising gels are also distributed.

Although everyone’s habits have changed, we won’t stop thinking and caring for the most vulnerable ones, with affection to creativity.

Even if to prevent contagion we need to increase the physical distance between people, this movement of solidarity shows a closeness of hearts, between people from different countries, united by the love for the poor who, now more than ever, ask not to be left alone.

In the coronavirus emergency we don’t want to leave anyone alone. We really appreciate your generous help.

Please, donate online. Thank you.