While waiting for the reopening, at the "School of Peace" at the Nyumanzi refugee camp in Uganda, everyone is learning how to prevent Coronavirus

The production of masks has also started


Lessons at the "School of Peace" in Nyumanzi refugee camp were interrupted on March 20 with the closure of all Uganda schools due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Ugandan authorities are now considering a partial reopening of schools. The first to return to class will be the boys of "Primary 7" who have to take a final exam this year.


In view of reopening, the Community of Sant'Egidio organized a special visit to the Nyumanzi refugee camp to bring its experience on the prevention and fight against the Coronavirus pandemic in Africa, based on the experience of its DREAM care centers. of AIDS and TB patients.


A cycle of lessons was offered to teachers and managers on the national protocols and on Sant'Egidio’s best practices to be transmitted to the students when the school reopens. These lessons were  also extended to those in charge of the refugee camp. In addition, the production of masks was started using the sewing machines already purchased by the School of Peace for a sewing course dedicated to adults.


Also, the construction of new toilets and washbasins began to increase the hygiene of the students and teachers of the school. These works will be carried out thanks to the support of the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS) and the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) which support Coronavirus prevention activities in addition to the annual teaching activity. Among the planned initiatives, there is also the possibility of increasing the availability of running water through a cistern that will store the water produced with the existing well and a solar-powered pump.


The visit was an opportunity to demonstrate to the many refugees from South Sudan, who live in the Nyumanzi refugee camp, that education is a priority for Sant'Egidio and that the "School of Peace" is a place where they offer to children and young people the same opportunities that their peers living in other parts of the world enjoy. The adults of the village, which surrounds the School of Peace, confirmed all their support to continue the educational and peace project undertaken.