Sorrow and concern about the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. An appeal to the conflicting parties to find paths of a peace dialogue

The Community of Sant'Egidio expresses deep sorrow and concern about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. It has resumed causing many civilians to lose their lives and the number of displaced people to rise in less than a month.
The violence of clashes has emptied entire areas, destroyed cities and villages; not even places of worship have been spared, in particular the Ġazančec'oc' cathedral, which was the target of senseless direct fire.
War has been resumed - after more than twenty years long truce - just a few months after the two Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders met at the Munich security conference in February 2020. The meeting had spread a climate of hope. This proves that a frozen conflict is not a resolved situation. The international community responsibility is enormous at this level. It is a loop with no results other than the basis for a future conflict resumption.
The Armenians, who preserve the memory of the massacres they suffered at the beginning of 20th century, fear being abandoned in a condition of loneliness. The two parties must be helped to overcome a conflict logic.
Sant'Egidio appeals to them to come to their senses and be aware that there is no other solution to their dispute than through dialogue. This is certainly a difficult road, but it only can bring peace to the two peoples forever.
Today it is a matter of safeguarding civilian lives - in particular the most fragile - sparing religious sites which have borne witness to the previous generations in a land too long tormented by suffering. The foundations for future peace need to be laid
The international community must urgently assume this task.

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