The Spirit of Assisi gets to Pakistan with the Meeting of Prayer for Peace "No one is saved alone. Peace and fraternity" in Faisalabad

In Pakistan, the Meeting of Prayer for Peace in the spirit of Assisi took place yesterday in Faisalabad, following up the Meeting in Rome "No one is saved alone. Peace and Fraternity".

In cooperation with the Diocese of  Faisalabad, the Community of Sant'Egidio invited men and women of different religions to gather for dialogue and prayer.

The Meeting took place in the garden of the Cathedral. After the opening remarks of the coordinator of Sant'Egidio, Natan Gill and the bishop of Faisalabad, mgr. Indrias Rehmat, several representatives of different religious communities took the floor: evangelical christians, muslims, sikh.

Following the reading of the Appeal for Peace 2020, each participant lit a candle at the big candleholder.

Actually there is a deep desire of peace in Pakistani society. Sant'Egidio takes it into serious consideration and feels encouraged to commit more and more for dialogue and mutual understanding among religious communities.

This is the first of two Interreligious Meetings that take place this year in Pakistan. The next one will be in Lahore in a few days.