How to make home the main place of care. The experience of the Community of Sant'Egidio

Cohousing, family homes and telemedicine: there are many solutions, already experienced by the world of solidarity, to change the way we take care of the elderly, people with disabilities and other fragile individuals. "Home as the main place of care", can be a positive alternative to hospitalization in specialized facilities, and care homes. In the experience of the Community of Sant'Egidio this paradigm translates into co-housing, where elderly people in economic difficulties decide to go and live together, to share the expenses - rent, utilities and assistance - but also to overcome loneliness. It is a new life always supported by the friends and volunteers of the Community, by handling of daily chores and contribute to the success of the housing solution, in which even those who are older can find a certain ease in changing habits and regain the taste to live in the company of others, under the same roof.

What is co-housing

THERE IS NO FUTURE WITHOUT THE ELDERLY. Appeal to re-humanize our societies