"Nascere non basta" ("Birth is not enough"): invisible children, child trafficking and civil status in Africa. The experience of the BRAVO!

To-date over five million children in the world have been registered in the civil register thanks to the commitment of Sant'Egidio - students who could not complete their education, street children, detained minors, ex-child soldiers, young AIDS patients, village children, kids with no family, malnourished...
They live in the slums of big cities, in refugee camps suffering from humanitarian emergencies, in vast rural areas and in many other situations of poverty. This effort has deep roots: attention to those who are cast aside in different ways and often made 'invisible' has characterised Sant'Egidio since its very beginning.
It stems from a profound conviction: each and every child must have a name and an identity. We cannot accept they come into the world deprived of fundamental rights, and they grow up as second-class citizens in their own country and thus become prey to the new slave traders.
The present book tells the stories, good practices, difficulties and positive results of Sant'Egidio's engagement in many parts of the world to give a legal identity to millions of children and free them from trafficking or other forms of exploitation since unfortunately being born is still not enough to exist.


BRAVO!(Birth Registration for All Versus Oblivion)