The prayer of the homeless for peace in Ukraine and for the reception of refugees in streets and stations in Rome.

When it gets dark and we get ready for the night, in the stations, in the underpasses, in the makeshift shelters, in these days that are still so cold, the meetings with the friends of the Community of Sant'Egidio multiply.

It is the sense of a friendship that helps in the most urgent needs - a blanket, a coat, a hot dinner - but also helps to share one's feelings and respond to that sense of impotence that grips everyone in the face of the evil of war. In a deep relationship of friendship, there is a need to give space to talk together, to share concerns, fears, hopes. And then to pray for peace.

There are a few poor people that come from Eastern Europe, who are now located in Rome. There is a great need to pray, to ask for peace for that land, which for some of them is their homeland, for others a familiar place, where perhaps they worked for a period of their lives, or where they have friends or relatives.

For this reason, in these evenings, in the streets or in the stations, we pray with Sant'Egidio for the protection of the weak, for the salvation of those who are in places of war, so that peace may return soon.