"Thank you, after the hell, we have finally found peace": welcomed in Barcelona two families who fled from the war in Ukraine

After a long journey, two families of Ukrainian refugees were welcomed at Sants station in Barcelona by the Community of Sant'Egidio. "They told us the horror of war," says those who welcomed them, telling their stories: "M. is an elderly woman, she comes from Ivano-Frankivs'k. We meet her exhausted, she has traveled 7 days, 13 hours in a row to enter Poland where she could only sleep lying down for two hours in a church in Krakow, and then one night in a sports center in Paris".

E., on the other hand, is only 6 years old. She arrived with her brother and mother: "We saved ourselves from the bombs," her joy is unstoppable. She runs to her new home with the bouquet of flowers she received at the station. Her mother, M., is moved to finally find shelter in a house: "I managed to save my children. Thank you." Since they left their village near Kyiv because of the bombing, it has been "the hardest and most difficult week of my life." M. is a piano teacher and her eyes light up when she sees a little piano in the house. "Thank you, thank you, after the hell, we have finally found peace."

The two families can finally live in a house found by the community. The wounds of war are deep, but they can be healed with friendship and solidarity. Now it's time to learn the language, take the children to school, look for work and resume life.




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