A Syrian family escaped from the war finally finds a new home in Würzburg thanks to Sant'Egidio

A Syrian family finally found a safe home in Würzburg after a two-year odyssey thanks to the Community of Sant'Egidio.

A few years ago they lost almost everything in the bombing of their hometown of Deir el-Zor in Syria: father, sight, health, relatives, house and all their possessions. The mother remained alone with four children, three of them in particularly critical health.

In 2019, some people of Sant'Egidio met the family in a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. They had just fled to Europe, crossing the strait between the Turkish coast and Lesbos - the four children traumatised by the war and by the difficult journey. Some young people of Sant'Egidio in Rome and Würzburg visited the family several times and supported them during the difficult period in Greece. Lately they have been welcomed in Germany, where they have spent a month in a refugee camp. Now they have finally made it: they have just moved into a spacious flat provided by a Catholic school.
Once again, friendship has overcome many adversities. It will finally be possible to resume medical interventions, and to promote the integration of the family.

Especially in times when war is coming very close to us because of what is happening in Ukraine, the willingness of many to help this Syrian family is a sign that everyone is really welcome here.

The Community has been working for many years to welcome refugees from war zones through the humanitarian corridors, language schools and integration projects.