The Ministry of Health of Ukraine expresses gratitude to Sant'Egidio for medicines sent to hospitals and the population

"We are very grateful for your support in difficult times for our State. The medicines and medical supplies you provided were delivered to Ukrainians affected by the war. We highly appreciate your partnership and solidarity."
Since the beginning of the war, Sant'Egidio has been providing medicines and medical supplies to a vast network of health centres, municipal administrations, voluntary associations and, especially, hospitals in many Ukrainian cities, mostly in the East and South of the country -Kyiv, Charkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Irpin', Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro, Nikolaev and Poltava. They have been particularly hard hit by the war:
A special attention has been paid to the needs of nephrology and dialysis centres in Kyiv, Charkiv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Nikoalev and Lviv.

In fact, as we have already reported, about a hundred people on dialysis have been evacuated from war zones and are currently being cared for by the Community in various Italian cities. Yet for all the others, it is necessary to provide what they need to continue their therapies.

There was already a shortage of medicines in Ukraine before the war: patients in hospitals - but also in nursing homes for the elderly and disabled - had to buy their meds themselves. The situation has worsened because of the war. In addition to people injured in the bombing and fighting, there are all those whose previous diseases can no longer be treated due to lack of doctors, medicines and the poor conditions of the medical facilities. These are the tragic effects of war, much more widespread and devastating than is commonly believed.

On 22 April, a shipment of insulin and levothyroxine, sent by Sant'Egidio in collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Hospital, was delivered to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in Lviv.
These are essential medicines such as insulin for diabetics, levothyroxine for people who have had their thyroid removed - a condition that has a very high incidence in Ukraine, due to the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986.
The supply will enable hospitals in the regions of Kyiv and Char'kiv to meet their needs for three months.

This aid saves lives while it is a concrete response to the war. Therefore Sant'Egidio will continue to deliver medicines and medical equipment to Ukraine.

This commitment, which is part of a wider humanitarian intervention, is carried out thanks to the effort and solidarity of all those - institutions, medical personnel, pharmacies, individuals - who have been generously contributing to the collection, selection and dispatch of the medicines.

Providing medicines and medical supplies - necessary for medication is an all-important help therefore Sant'Egidio is continuing to promote a collection of medicines throughout Italy.


A list of the medicines needed is given below

Broad-spectrum antibiotics for oral use (Amoxicillin)

Intramuscular broad-spectrum antibiotics (Ceftriaxone)

Antihaemorrhagics (Tranex)

Anti-anaemic (Folic acid Iron supplements)

Suture and dressing material

Perfusion solutions (Physiological solutions 500cc glass, Butterfly, Agocannulas)

Analgesics and anti-inflammatories (Lidocaine, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Voltaren, Toradol ...)

Gastroprotectors (Lansoprazole, Pantoprazole)

Heparin (Enoxaparin 4000 I.U.)

Thyroid medication (Eutirox Tyrosint)

Solid and injectable forms (Bentelan, Deltacortene, Urbason)

Antihistamines (Trimeton, Zirtec)

Adult respiratory drugs
Cortisonics and bronchodilators spray/powder inhalers

Cardiac and Antihypertensives (Amiodarone, Amlodipine, Cardioaspirin, Digoxin, Enalapril, Furosemide (also injectable) Isosorbide, Metoprolol, Nimodipine, Nitroglycerin, Ramipril, Bisoprolol)

Oral antidiabetics

Antidiarrhoeics (Imodium)

Suspension antibiotics (syrups)
Fever and anti-inflammatory products (syrups and suppositories)
Cortisonics, bronchodilators, aerosol and spray fluidifiers
Fluidifying agents in syrup
Aerosol devices
Antihistamines in drops
Cortisone and zinc oxide creams
Products for pediculosis
Drops for otitis
Eye drops and ophthalmic creams for treating conjunctivitis
Single-dose solutions for nose hygiene
Zinc oxide creams
Valerian drops
Ansioten drops
Lactic ferments

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