A tropical storm hit Maputo, Mozambique. Youth for Peace bring aid where homes were destroyed by torrential rains and strong winds

Torrential rains and Tropical Storm Filipo wreaked havoc on the area of Maputo, Mozambique, causing flooding, damage, and widespread destruction of homes, livelihoods and essential infrastructure especially in the suburbs.

Maputo Youth for Peace visited people severely affected by the rains in the Polana-Caniço neighborhood on Sunday afternoon, April 14, bringing a message of solidarity and a kit of basic food items.
The Community has been present in Polana-Caniço, a suburb on the outskirts of the city, for more than 30 years with its School of Peace, which welcomes more than 50 children and adolescents every week. The Youth for Peace know the reality of the neighbourhood and its inhabitants well, and have built a profound friendship with them over the years.
During the visits, the Youth for Peace, accompanied by the teenagers from the School of Peace, met mainly lonely and sick elderly people, and families whose homes had been damaged by the storm. 
All were very pleased and grateful to receive the aid kits. They appreciated above all the visit and the warmth of friendship. A commitment that does not end here, but will continue with further help and support actions.

As the slogan of the Youth for Peace says, "O mundo muda a cada gesto teu" (The world changes with every gesture you make), Their action in Polana-Caniço is a concrete example of how solidarity and closeness can make a difference in people's lives, especially in times of difficulty