A statue of the Homeless Jesus has been placed outside the Church of Moses and Aron, the place of prayer of the Community, in Amsterdam.

The sculpture by artist Timothy Schmalz, created on behalf of the Community, depicts a homeless man lying on a park bench, recognisable as Jesus only by the wounds on his feet. A similar work has stood in front of the entrance to the Community's first home in Rome, in Piazza Sant'Egidio, since its 50th anniversary in 2018.

Colm Dekker, permanent deacon of Sant'Egidio, explained that the statue shows how Jesus recognises himself in the poorest, in the presence of homeless people who regularly come to the 'Franciscustafel', the soup kitchen of Sant'Egidio, which welcomes around 150 people every week,.
The deputy mayor of Amsterdam, Rutger Groot Wassink, took the opportunity to thank Sant'Egidio for its daily commitment to the poor and to emphasise the importance of a work of art such as this. It makes each of us reflect and reconsider the great problem of being homeless.

After the inauguration, celebrations were held with a large lunch attended by the homeless. Eventually there was a Sunday liturgy, during which the statue was blessed.