Cyclone 'Freddy' hit Malawi causing widespread devastation. Thousands had to leave their homes invaded by mud or destroyed. The first aid from Sant'Egidio

Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi hard, particularly the southern part of the country and the district around Blantyre. Severe  flooding, heavy rain and mudslides  have devastated entire villages. Over 200 people have died so far, hundreds are missing and thousands have been displaced.

People from the Community of Sant'Egidio immediately intervened and delivered emergency aid to the many who suddenly found their homes invaded by mud, sometimes - as we can see in the pictures - destroyed by the fury of the water. Thousands of people lost everything: homes, clothes, food, blankets and most of the crops in the area were lost.

The nutritional centre in Blantyre has opened its doors to welcome those who were left homeless and had nowhere to go - especially children and the elderly - and to provide for their basic needs. In the coming days, further action will be taken to support the hard-hit population.