The Community of Sant'Egidio in Kivu, a subject of peace in a society lacerated by poverty and injustice


Assembly with Marco Impagliazzo, School of Peace, Friendship with The Elderly and Street Children.

On the occasion of Marco Impagliazzo's visit to Kivu, a meeting of the Communities of the cities of Goma, Bukavu, Uvira, Beni and Butembo was held. A moment of reflection on the future of Sant'Egidio in this region of eastern Congo where there are many tensions and reasons for crisis.
One of the most significant passages was the invitation to live, after Pentecost, a "spiritual revolt" to transform oneself and the many realities of poverty and injustice that lacerate the life of the different cities. The meeting concluded with the liturgy celebrated by Rev Fr. Francesco Tedeschi, in the ancient Cathedral of Goma.
At Goma, Marco Impagliazzo was also able to visit the School of Peace in the Mugunga neighborhood, named after Floribert Bwana Chui, where 300 children study, some of them from the nearby refugee camp; and to meet the elderly who live in very precarious conditions near the school. The Community has created meaningful bonds of friendship and support with them.
In the evening, another very touching meeting was with the street children living in the city.
Today in Goma there are several thousand street children and youths, exploited and exposed to danger.
It is a phenomenon that is also growing because of war and the displacement of the population. The Community of Sant’Egidio at Goma does a service with them, bringing food and looking for a way to reintegrate them into families and society.
From these days of visits and meetings, the Kivu Communities come out encouraged to be more and more a subject of peace and friendship with the poor in a society lacerated by violence.