It's freezing cold in Lviv and there's a constant air alarm. Every evening, Sant'Egidio is out on the streets and brings food and relief supplies for all those living on the streets and seeking refuge

There has been a wave of severe cold in Ukraine over the last few days. Temperature has dropped to -15° in many places. The cold - many power stations are out of action due to the bombing and homes are largely unheated - is affecting everyone, adding to the horror caused by constant air alerts that continue even in the westernmost parts of the country. The war, meanwhile, continues unabated, with its daily tragic death toll.

It is becoming harder and harder for the homeless poor to find shelter in the snow-covered streets: Many places where they used to find refuge have been closed for security reasons or turned into bomb shelters.
Every evening in Lviv, the people of the Community of Sant'Egidio go out to bring drinks and hot meals, clothes and blankets to those who are risking their lives because of the cold. If possible, some of them are accompanied to spend the night in the tents that have been set up for shelter. The situation is becoming increasingly harsh and the Community is therefore intensifying its efforts to help the most vulnerable, who have become even poorer during this second long, cold winter of war.
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