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Napoleon Beazley - 24


Judge sets May 28 execution date 


Executed may 28, 2002 News

Napoleon Beazley, now 24, had no penal precedent when in 1994, at the age of 17, he took part in a robbery during which the father of a famous judge was killed. The jury that condemned him to death was entirely composed of white people, among which racial bias hovered.

To obtain a death sentence for Beazley, prosecutors ‘bought’, in exchange of a penalty reduction, the testimony of two co-defendants, who stated, against any evidence, that Beazley was a cold person with no regrets. In this way the jurors could be persuaded that Beazley could become a danger for society if left alive. Napoleon Beazley’s behavior in prison has been so admirable, that he has been one of the very few ‘trustees’ assigned to jobs within Terrell Unit death row.


We urge you to send messages to Texas Governor Rick Perry asking for clemency on behalf of Napoleon Beazley. You can send a message like the following one:


The Honorable Rick Perry

Governor of Texas

P.O. Box 12428

Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Fax: 001 512 463 1849


Dear Governor Perry

We are deeply impressed by the crime to which Napoleon Beazley took part when he was only 17 years old and we understand the grief of the family of the person who was killed during that robbery in 1994. We nevertheless beg you heartily and with deep friendship to think over the seriousness of imposing death penalty to juveniles at the time of the crime, because this is an event which at present extremely seldom takes place in the world - not even it the most backward countries on the path towards civilization. Napoleon Beazley had no penal precedent and after his conviction he has shown a model behavior. And this accordingly to the fact that on one side young people are less responsible of their acts, and on the other side they are more capable to modify their personality.

   Dear Governor, we have sincerely admired the remarkable improvements which you favored concerning Texas penal system, and we now beg you heartily to intervene urging a gesture of clemency and of civilization in favor of your fellow citizen Napoleon Beazley!



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