Sant'Egidio for the prisons in Africa. A new water system for the inmates of Nampula.



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A new water system for the prison of Nampula - third city of Mozambique - was introduced thanks to the Community of Sant’Egidio. The prison, with an average of 300 inmates, had only a small underground cistern designed for just 50 prisoner, and no water system available. Two out of six cells had no latrines. Therefore, in cells with more than 50 inmates, there was no chance to use the toilette overnight. The Community not only has build a cistern which is three times bigger than the previous one, but has also re-instate all the old latrines, building them where there were none and connecting them all with running water coming from a roof depot.
The inauguration ceremony was broadcasted both on radio and on national television. Inmates were particularly touched finding out that all of this was possible thanks to a collection of all the Communities in the world, which took place on Christmas 2016.