The Belgian Foreign Minister and Deputy Premier Didier Reynders, visit to Sant'Egidio

Immigration, peace initiatives and human rights at the core of the meeting

During his visit to Italy, the Foreign Minister and Belgian Deputy Premier, Didier Reynders, visited the Community of Sant’Egidio and was welcomed by a delegation led by the President Marco Impagliazzo. Among the many topics discussed, the Minister wanted to expressed his appreciation for the  pivotal cooperation that has existed for many years between the Belgian government and the Community.

The migration issue was particularly addressed, emphasizing the importance of the Humanitarian Corridors, a best practice active in Belgium too, and by which it was possible to welcome Syrian refugees in the country. Sant’Egidio’s peace initiatives - with particular reference to the Central African Republic, South Sudan and the Middle East - were also at the center of the discussion. The Minister stressed the importance of a collaboration between different subjects in the search for peace. Lastly, the need to build a Europe based on shared historical memory, respect for human rights and education for peace and coexistence, especially in a delicate juncture of the institutional life of the european continent.