Distance Adoptions


What is foster care?

Foster careis an action of solidarity that guarantees to the minors of the poor countries and to their families an economical help, so that they may receive the primary goods, education and the medical care they need.
Foster care, therefore, puts the families in condition to take care of their children and to support the necessary expenditures for their growth, avoiding that, under the pressure of the economical difficulties, the familiar unit is disintegrated.
In September 1998 the Community of Sant'Egidio started a program of international foster care. A secretariat was created to take care of this programme to support to children.

What does it provide?

International foster care provides support to various aspects of the life of the child:
    Health (medical care and purchase of medicines)
    School (payment of school fees and of educational materials)
    Nutrition, clothing, toys and economical support to the whole familiar unit.
    Birth registration

Who are the children to be cared of?

They are children in difficulty, who, for various reasons cannot be supported by their families. This is why they need an "adopting" family that, at least from afar, mey ensure the means necessary for growing, for having proper health care, studying and entering the society.

How long does a foster care last?

International foster care has not a time duration within which to be concluded. In this it is really like an adoption: it can last until the child has grown up and became adult, in a position to maintain himself autonomously. Nevertheless at any time it is possible to withdraw from the adoption, giving a notice of three months so as to allow to entrust the child to another adopter.

What need I do?

Joining the international foster care program is very easy. CLICK HERE
or via fax to +39.06.5800197

You will receive at home the materials regarding the foster care you requested and you can pay at the interval you have chosen, specifying in the reason of the postal or bank or credit card payment, the name of the adopted child or of the structure.

The payment must be done exclusively on the account dedicated to the international foster care program.

Which information will I receive?

Two times a year you will receive an update on the foster care you subscribed. Besides this you will have reports of the contributions you will have made and of their use.

How much does it cost a foster care?

The costs are different according to the type of foster care you choose:
- Individual: the monthly contribution is 26.00 Euro and is meant to support a single child member of a Community, (village, institute, town, school or nutritional center). You will receive the report on the history and the photograph of a child chosen as testimonial of that Community.
- Of a family within the DREAM programme: the monthly contribution of 20.00 Euro contributes to the medical and food support expenditures for a familiar unit, treated within the DREAM Programme for fighting AIDS in Africa. You will receive reports and photographs of some family taking part in the program.
- Community foster care: with 15.00 Euro it is possible to support a group of children hosted in a structure. You will receive photographs and news of the center that is being supported.
- "Mother and Child" Foster care within the DREAM programme: the contribution of 30.00 Euro for health care of pregnant women, for fighting the "vertical transmission" of AIDS, allowing the child to be born Hiv-free and healthy.
- One-off foster care: it is a free donation for a temporary support that can be assigned to one or more children, even one single time.

The monthly contributions can also be given in a single yearly contribution or in other ways as can be agreed.
Are the sums paid deductible?

As for Italy, they surely are. Keep a copy of the payment you and will be able to deduct them from your income tax return.